Writing Process

Write What You Want to Read

I always find it easier to write about something I’m interested in, or at least emotionally invested in, than about something someone else picked.  This applied in high school, when I wrote about books I either loved or hated and ignored the required readings that had fallen flat, and it applies now, as I prepare to write my thesis on one of my literary obsessions: the Arabian Nights.

It’s what I tell my students: find the one aspect of your assignment that sort of interests you, or find some angle that makes it more fun, and the writing will flow so. Much. Better.

It also applies to writing fiction, in my opinion.  I forget where I read/heard it, but an author once said that they only tried to write the book they had always wished to read.  What better writing prompt than that?  I find myself frequently writing about bookish things, and magic, and fantastical creatures, and a lot of witty banter.  These are the things that interest me most, that move me, that keep me reading when I come across them in someone else’s work – so naturally I want them to be part of mine.

And at least, that way, I’ll have one guaranteed reader when I finally finish my novel!

What topic makes your writing flow best?  What kinds of books you wish existed?  Let me know in the comments!


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