A Lot of Travelling

The month of March is essentially blocked off for travel for me as I visit grad schools with M. to see where he might end up next year, and by extension, where I might be searching for a job.  We’re currently visiting Purdue University, then road tripping to The Ohio State University.  After spring break (during which I will sit at home and do absolutely no travelling whatsoever), we’re off to University of California Santa Barbara, back home for one day, then out again to University of Colorado Boulder.

On the plus side, all these hours on planes and in hotels while M. tours physics departments (let’s be honest, I would probably walk in front of a laser and get my eyebrows singed off by accident) means plenty of writing time!  My goal is to pass the 35,000 word mark on my manuscript by the end of March.  I’ll report back at that point to let you know how it went!

That’s all for now.  Time to get writing!



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