A Lot of Travelling

The month of March is essentially blocked off for travel for me as I visit grad schools with M. to see where he might end up next year, and by extension, where I might be searching for a job.  We’re currently visiting Purdue University, then road tripping to The Ohio State University.  After spring break (during which I will sit at home and do absolutely no travelling whatsoever), we’re off to University of California Santa Barbara, back home for one day, then out again to University of Colorado Boulder.

On the plus side, all these hours on planes and in hotels while M. tours physics departments (let’s be honest, I would probably walk in front of a laser and get my eyebrows singed off by accident) means plenty of writing time!  My goal is to pass the 35,000 word mark on my manuscript by the end of March.  I’ll report back at that point to let you know how it went!

That’s all for now.  Time to get writing!



2017 Update

Now that I’m not a student anymore, I suppose the “new year” means calendar year, not school year.  This means making new resolutions and new plans – including in my writing life!  With that in mind, here are a few tidbits about what I have planned for 2017 and my writing career:

  • I will be part of the new professional editing service offered for graduate and professional students at WSU, offering proofreading and developmental editing services for longer manuscripts, papers, and articles than we normally see at the Writing Center.
  • A friend and I are working on a personal project about a topic that is extremely important to me: mental health.  Our aim is to help reduce the stigma around this topic in media and provide a space both for exchanging information and sharing artistic expressions of personal experiences.  More on that as it takes shape, but I’m hoping to launch it sometime this summer.  For now, follow us on Twitter here if you’re interested in seeing where the project goes.
  • I’m polishing up some of my short stories to submit to various online contests, journals, and sites that I just enjoy.  I’m also in the process of drafting some essays to submit on more serious topics.
  • My manuscript is now over 20,000 words!  I know this isn’t terribly long as far as manuscripts go, but this is the most material I’ve ever written for one project that didn’t taper off and die out, so it’s still exciting to me.  My goal is to have a complete draft and have my beta readers look at it by the end of this year.

Hopefully I will be finding a new job soon, once decisions are made concerning location for the next few years.  That’s all for now!  Hope your 2017 is off to a good start.


Events & Gatherings


I was recently notified that I get to attend a kaffeklatsch with Saladin Ahmed while I’m at NerdCon: Stories next week!

The kaffeeklatsches are one-hour chats with one of the featured guests and 12 attendees, with tea and coffee served.  Attendees ranked which guests they’d most like to meet, and then were entered into a lottery to determine who gets to meet whom.  I get to sit down with Saladin Ahmed, an Arab-American sci-fi/fantasy author whose first book I am eagerly awaiting via the university library so I can read it before the convention.  So now I’m even more excited!

Writing Process

Beginnings Are Hard

I was once in a (rather meta) play* that opened with Character A stepping onstage and saying loudly, “BEGINNINGS.”  A pause.  “BeGINNINGS.”  Another pause.  Character A is visibly nervous now.  “Beginnings!” he calls out desperately. Character B enters.  “Beginnings are…difficult,” he says.  And so the scene progresses, with Characters A, B, C, D (that was… Continue reading Beginnings Are Hard